School-Year Programs

The following programs run from September 2011 to May 2012.

Youth Leading Community Disaster Education (YLC) 
The YLC program trains youth as peer educators to inform their peers about disaster preparedness. As presenters, they speak on earthquake and home fire safety, having an earthquake kit and general disaster preparation. Presentations are conducted during the school day as well as after school. To become involved with YLC, you must attend a training and quarterly reviews. Training is hosted twice a year (late fall and spring) at the Inland Empire Chapter office.

LOOKOUT! is a peer education program where high-school-age youth are trained to make presentations to elementary and middle school children on bicycle, skateboard, scooter and pedestrian safety at community fairs and after-school programs. To become involved with LOOKOUT!, you must attend a training. Training is hosted twice a year (late fall and spring) at one of the Inland Empire Chapter offices.

Service Projects

Service projects are a great way for youth to get involved and assist the community. Each month, one to three service projects are available to youth volunteers on weekends. They range from events hosted by the Red Cross to serve the community to events hosted by other agencies where youth volunteers are invited to help out. Service projects include Children’s Safety Festival, Rock N’ Runway, Cause for Alarm and Super CPR Day. Each month we provide a calendar of that month’s projects at the G.I.F.T. meeting, as well as permission slips for the training and activities of the month.

Red Cross Clubs

Red Cross clubs are for high school students who want to be involved with the Red Cross as volunteers at their school. Most volunteers begin the process as member of their school’s Red Cross club. Each club works closely with Youth Services to share training and service project opportunities with its members. Also, Red Cross clubs are often involved with large chapter-sponsored programs and national initiatives. Red Cross clubs are started by high school students and guided through the process by Youth Services. To learn if your high school has a Red Cross club, please contact your ASB. If your high school does not have a Red Cross club and you are interested in starting one, please contact Youth Services,

G.I.F.T. (Get Involved Forum for Teens)
G.I.F.T. is a monthly meeting held at the Inland Empire Chapter office for all youth volunteers to learn about and sign up for Red Cross activities, trainings, special events. Also, it is an opportunity to get involved with planning future service activities. *This would be the recommended first meeting for a new youth volunteer to attend to begin their orientation and involvement. All youth volunteers must complete a youth volunteer application which is available at this meeting. The G.I.F.T. meetings will be held at the Inland Empire Chapter’s West Valley Service Center and meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

All youth are welcome to join any of the above programs and become a volunteer with the American Red Cross. The rewards of joining the American Red Cross as a youth volunteer are endless. If you have further questions about the above youth programs, please contact Youth Services,


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